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UNH Floating Lab 2021

UNH Floating Lab 2021
Posted on 10/14/2021
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This fall BFUHS students in Ms. Murray’s Biology class were accompanied by Ms. Gottschalk and other students interested in science and visited the University of New Hampshire’s Floating lab out of Rye, NH

Senior Arianna Wunderle said the UNH Floating lab is a 2 story boat that could hold about 50 people.  She said it was nice to learn outside the classroom.

Senior Anya Taylor described their arrival as a thunderstorm with lightning, not the weather they wanted on the ocean!  She said as they waited for the weather to clear they traveled to a new location for a fun adventure of investigating tide pools!  Anya explained that the BFUHS students boarded the boat and were divided into stations.  Each station studied something different such as plankton, how to use a map and compass related to buoys and landmarks and PH levels, density and temperatures of water and how they impact nature.

Arianna described setting a trawl net to catch lobster, fish, shells, live sand dollars, various types of clams and studying them in real life.  She said the rope was very long and took all of the students to work together to pull it up.

Senior Abbe Hodge described studying bacteria and plankton in water they had collected themselves. She said they didn’t see any whales, which was a shame, but it was still thrilling to ride in the bow of the huge boat.  Abbe said this was an awesome experience!

Arianna described the feeling of being out that far on the ocean and only seeing water as peaceful and amazing. Anya agreed and said that some classmates were afraid of the ocean but went anyway and she is so proud of them.  Anya said she learned so much more than she expected to and the others agreed.  Terriers may be surrounded by mountains in the classroom but not even the ocean is the limit for these creative programs and students interested in an adventure with teachers and classmates!

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