Congratulations Tiffany Tobin!

Mrs. Tiffany Tobin, has been named the Bellows Falls Union High School UVM Teacher of the
Year. A dedicated teacher who works hard to meet the needs of all of the students in her
classroom, she strives to develop a connection to them as well as their families and to help all
students see success.  A demanding teacher who sets and maintains high expectations for all
students, she works hard to help them meet their goals.  As you walk by her classroom you see
her students engaged in learning in a variety of ways.  It is evident that she works hard to come
up with new ideas that will help students grasp new concepts. 
Not only dedicated to the BFUHS students, Tiffany is dedicated to the staff, the school, the
district and the department in which she works.  A team player, she is often one of the first to
step up and offer assistance when needed, usually without being asked.  A quiet leader, who
leads by example, she is well respected by the staff and students.  She puts the students first and
never seeks recognition for what she does.

In the  25 years she has been a valuable part of the WNESU/BFUHS community, she has hosted
student teachers, mentored a number of new teachers, taught summer school,  served on the
District Technology Committee, served as school representative and Chair of the Licensing
Board, and has served as the coordinator of the English Department.  She has been an active
advocate for the Dual Enrollment program that allows students to earn college credit through
classes at BFUHS.  She earned her BA at St. Bonaventure University with a double major in
English and Secondary Education and her M.Ed. in Reading Instruction at the College of St.
Joseph. You could ask any faculty member at BFUHS, and they would say that given the
opportunity to serve on a committee with anyone, Tiffany would be one of their first choices. 
 Congratulations, Tiffany. BFUHS is proud to have you represent us with this award this year.
Tiffany and John