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The mission of Bellows Falls Union High School is to provide all students with the opportunity to expand their intellectual, social, and physical capabilities, to foster their emotional growth, and to assist them in recognizing and achieving their fullest potential.
In 1969, the towns of Athens, Grafton, Rockingham, and Westminster formed Union High School District 27 and began plans for a District High School.  Residents wanted a school that could be also used as a community learning center for adult education classes, club meetings, and civic affairs.  Administrators and teachers wanted a school that would permit them to try out new ideas and allow for individual differences in learning styles.  All wanted a school that would not be obsolete in a few years by changes in the educational philosophies or requirements.  They found their answer in a school designed on a flexible, open space plan.  All interior walls (except those needed for noise control or privacy) were eliminated to obtain a fluid interior. Thus, the school is adaptable for traditional or innovative programs, lectures or discussions, team or individual teaching, large or small classes.  Each of the main function areas, academic, fine and applied arts, gymnasium, and industrial arts, are located in a separate section.  Each section can be closed off from the others and each has direct access to the outside so that several events can be held simultaneously without interference.  

BFUHS Learning Expectations

Past Principals
1971-1981 - Charles Davis
1981-1996 - Ned Caron
1996-1999 - Warren Baugher
1999-2005 - John Doty
2005-2021 - Chris Hodsden
2021-2023 - John Broadley
2023- Present- Kelly O'Ryan

School Song
Bellows Falls, ever glorious
Bellows Falls, to you we sing,
Bellows Falls, e'er victorious
Your praises ever ring
On the field, the field of conflict
We will fight for the right,
We'll be loyal, loyal ever
To the Purple and the White