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Extra-Curricular Activities

The co-curricular program contributes much to the total education of the student who participates.  The program aids to:
a)  Provide student with an opportunity to excel in the activity of their choice;
b)  Provide an environment for the student to learn leadership skills, self-discipline, cooperation, sportsmanship, and an appreciation for the abilities of others;
c)  Provide healthy surroundings for the teaching of good health habits and attitudes;
d)  Encourage students to recognize the importance of good academic standing;
e)  Provide a clean, wholesome environment for any activity;
f)  Assist in developing good school spirit and loyalty;
g)  Encourage good school citizenship and scholarship;
h)  Instill in students the desire to put forth their best efforts.
Clubs and organizations at BFUHS have included :
Athletic Association, Chamber Choir, Drama Club, Youth Partnership, Environmental Club, Foreign Language Club, Jazz Band, Math Team, National Honor Society, Pep Band, Yearbook, Scholars Bowl, Student Council, Gay/Straight Alliance.
Athletics at BFUHS:
Baseball (Varsity, JV & Freshmen), Basketball (Varsity, JV & Freshmen), Cross Country, Field Hockey (Varsity & JV), Football (Varsity, JV & Freshmen), Soccer, Tennis, Track & Field, Indoor Track.

Some Featured Activities at BFUHS

Drama Club

Drama Club

Math Team

math team