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Student Assistance Program

Student Assistance Program Overview

What is the Student Assistance Program?

The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is our systematic process to identify and refer students who are experiencing barriers to learning. The SAP assists students/parents/guardians with information so they may access services in the community. SAP is an intervention program, not a treatment program, intended to support students who are struggling with personal and / or drug/alcohol related difficulties.


SAP participation is completely confidential.

The SAP works closely with existing in-school services and local providers to make appropriate referrals so students can access the help they need. Those meetings and referrals are confidential.


Who can refer a student for SAP services?

Any concerned student or adult can make a request for SAP support. A student can also refer themselves for support! Referrals can be made through the form below or by speaking with your School Counselor, School Nurse, or other trusted adult.

Confidential SAP Referral Form


Who can ask for help or guidance from the SAP?

ANY student or family of a student at BFUHS! Family members / guardians can ask for support from the SAP in talking to your teen about vaping for example, finding resources or helpful hints on connecting with your teen, etc.


What does it cost to work with the SAP?

The SAP is a free service to ALL of our BFUHS students and their families!


Other resources you may find helpful:

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